Next generation marketplace platform

80% of consumer spending occurs within 20 kmof home.

What is Buzzaar?

Buzzaar is a completely new kind of solution that combines all the online services needed by the local business. Already today over 70% of purchase decisions are online affected. Local business needs tools to reach and connect with the local online audience. Buzzaar integrates ecommerce, social features, advertising and content marketing into single and easily managed platform. Buzzaar brings together the content and product offering provided by the local businesses. Buzzaar creates a living community where people can find offers, inspirations, recommendations and services near their home.

Best business partner for Buzzaar is the local media. They have the relationship with the local business and their websites are the most trusted sites in Internet. Buzzaar features are specially designed for the local media willing to build a local marketplace with new revenue opportunities. Buzzaar is a plug and play solution. We offer a comprehensive product and service portfolio. Fast and easy, no need for large upfront investments.

What is Buzzaar for local business?

We offer local businesses an unprecedented opportunity for selling and marketing their products and services using trusted and popular web sites – their local media web sites. Utilize new marketing channels in a way that is ideal for your business.

Try out new channels, analyze results and increase sales. All this is available without major investments: Our service package includes all the features needed to set up and manage a web store and an extensive set of tools for online marketing.

What is Buzzaar for local media?

We provide medias an excellent alternative to the traditional website business logic. Utilize your high-quality content and reliable brand identity and offer a new marketplace with interesting products and social features.

Turn your site into a new kind of online commerce hotspot and give your corporate customers a unique opportunity to benefit from your site. The rich features of Buzzaar provide the perfect solution. You already have the audience. Why not utilize its full potential?

Take a closer look at our solution and business opportunities provided by Buzzaar!


How does Buzzaar differ from existing eCommerce platforms?

Buzzaar is designed especially to be used by local media. Buzzaar brings together all the features that are normally not supported in one platform.

Our media company has many local newspaper websites. We do not want to provide many overlapping services?

Buzzaar is state of the art platform for this. With Buzzaar you can operate multiple local marketplaces from single entity without overlapping.

We have a large online audience and could have thousands of customers. Can Buzzaar handle this?

Buzzaar is highly scalable and the platform is fast even with large number of requests and traffic. This has been tested and proved. Let us convince you.

How do I earn using Buzzaar?

As a local media, you have the possibility to earn from multiple revenue sources. You for example earn monthly user fees, commission from transactions, advertising etc.

How do I get started?

Buzzaar is a cloud based solution. Technical integration to any system you are using is easy and fast.

I have a small bakery in Sheffield. How can I join Buzzaar?

Contact your local newspaper or radio and ask if they have heard about us. If Buzzaar exists in your area joining is simple and it does not require technical expertise or a lot of time to operate. We guarantee you will start getting more customers!